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Xavi Hernandez

The manager aims to reorganize the Barca dressing room

Xavi Hernandez has finally become the first team coach of FC Barcelona after Ronald Koeman was relieved of his duties. He has made a new set of rules for the first team to get them back to winning ways. A strict culture is necessary for success at the club. 

  1. Players must arrive 90 minutes before training: Xavi has requested that all players arrive 90 minutes early to prepare for the session and have a quiet breakfast adequately. Also, to be able to make some individual talks to comment on aspects of the work.
  2. The staff must show up 2 hours before training: Xavi is the first to set an example, so his staff members have to arrive 2 hours before training, with the aim that when the players start to arrive, they have everything ready to begin their training session.
  3. The players eat at the Ciutat Esportiva: All the first team players have to have eaten in the dining room of the Blaugrana facilities under the parameters set by the club’s nutritionists. A correct diet can prevent injuries and improve physical preparation.
  4. Fines: Since Luis Enrique left, sanctions have disappeared. Xavi lived in Rijkaard’s time as the wardrobe was diluted by the relaxation of the rules and also Guardiola, who established a rigid code of conduct, which ended up bearing fruit very soon.
  5. Exponential Sanctions: The fines will be fixed with a geometric rhythm. That means that if a player is late for training, he will pay the lightest penalty, 100 euros. The second penalty would be 200, but if he repeats a third, it will rise to 400.
  6. Two days before a game, you cannot be home late: It is considered that the players must be aware that they have to arrive at the game in the best possible conditions. One of the non-negotiable requirements is to lead an orderly life, especially on the eve of the game.
  7. Meritocracy: You play like you train. Only those who train the best and who has the most commitment at work will have options to be starters. The rest will be on the bench, or they will not be called up in the worst case.
  8. Control of activities: Footballers may have other activities that are not strictly football, but if these affect their performance, they will have to be supervised by the coaching staff. Players cannot make private trips without the permission of the coach.
  9. Prohibited risky activities: No more seeing a player surfing or riding an electric bike. This type of practice is sanctioned as a severe offence and would pass to the legal department as it is considered a breach of their contracts.
  10. Good image: The players are a fundamental part of the club, and they have to be the first to set an example. They must be empathic with fans, and reprehensible attitudes are prohibited.

The Xavi Effect!

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