Xavi’s Press Conference Ahead Of The Sevilla Game

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Xavi’s Press Conference Ahead Of The Sevilla Game

Xavi’s Press Conference Ahead Of The Sevilla Game

Xavi had a lot to say in the pre-match conference ahead of the game against Sevilla. The coach was asked about how the players are feeling, the defensive issues, the Elche three points, and his thoughts on tomorrow’s opponents.

I’m very happy with the team, and the commitment of everyone, especially the young players.

On Sevilla

Sevilla is a direct rival, it is a great opportunity. We look abroad a lot, Bayern, But how Sevilla have worked in recent years, with Monchi, with Lopetegui is an example for all of us.

On Gavi

With Gavi we have to move quickly and renew him. If needed we should put our money together to renew him. Just like Nico, he’s the future of the club.

On Dest

Dest’s problem is physical, he has severe low back pain and his abductors have loaded. He doesn’t feel well, he’s not comfortable.

About the Referees and VAR

It’s tough to be a referee, it’s not for me to decide. It’s a tough job, it’s complicated.

About the Second Half Against Elche

The first goal Elche scored was not because of the defence. We were putting high pressure on. There’s an issue with the entire team, not just the defence.

About 300 games for Ter Stegen

Marc is very committed, he’s a professional. He wants to improve. He should improve, he knows it, he’s one of the best in the world.

About Sevilla

They play well, they press high, they are a good team. There will be quick transitions. We need to be brave and daring, it doesn’t matter where we play.

About The Difference Between Barca and Real Madrid

There’s a massive difference in the league. You win and you get points. It’s about results.

Can Sevilla win the league

Yes, Sevilla are a good team. They’re an excellent team, an example.

Are The Young Players Ready

I’m very happy with all the players, and the youth coaching staff. I’m happy with Ferran, he’s a great player. We have good coaches, and players are ready.

On Ter Stegen and the way he plays

Barcelona have had high pressure for a long time, and he has got it. He’s a good player, you need to remember that. Memphis scored from his pass against Villareal. He made mistakes, all players do so. I’m happy with Marc.

About Nico and his future in the team

He’s a good player, and is able to adopt really well. He’s physical, he has all the aspects one needs. He has a winning mindset, very technical, he finds spaces, knows when to move forward.

Barcelona will face Sevilla in La Liga on Tuesday.

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