Xavi’s Post-Match Press Conference Against Osasuna

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Xavi was asked a lot of questions after the disappointing result against Osasuna, follow the post-match press conference here:

Xavi: “It’s an insufficient draw. When we scored 1-2 we had to calm the game and have the ball, and we failed to do it. We have competed well and it’s a shame.”

Xavi: “Abde is extraordinary, as well as Nico and Gavi too. The youngsters are supporting the team, they are the ones who make the difference, and that is difficult to digest”

Xavi: “We have to change this negative dynamic. The goal is to be among the top 4, try to get into the fight for the League and believe. We have to keep competing!”

Xavi: “We have not had control of the game in the last minutes and that is a very big problem. We are not used to defending in our area, we had to defend away, in their field, keep patient. There are so many things we have to improve.”

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The manager had a lot to say

Xavi: “We must change the negative dynamics. We urgently need a victory”

Xavi: “We blatantly went on the attack, playing a 3-4-3. We went completely on the attack. But in the end, the legs failed. I told the players to defend with the ball and always go on the attack. But in the end, Osasuna has taken us back and we have not known what to do.”

Xavi: “Osasuna has taken us back as Espanyol did”

Xavi: “Umtiti played a good game, he won a lot of balls. He is training very well.”

Xavi: “In the end, we didn’t play our style and it’s not because of attitude. We lack it because of football.”

Xavi: “It is a harsh reality. It does not come to us because of a football issue. In the end, there are 25 minutes that we should have patience, people with packaging that would take that step forward and there is none.”

Xavi: “Abde is a dagger, a marvel, a surprise. It is great news but I already said that it is also the negative that young people are the ones who stand out the most.”

Xavi: “Eric Garcia? The match witnessed a lot of bilateral struggles, Umtiti was training well and his condition was good.”

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