What’s latest on Lautaro Martinez to Barcelona?

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Barcelona has made Lautaro Martinez their primary target for this summer, but negotiations are on hold right now.

Inter striker Lautaro Martinez has been under the watch of Barcelona since a few years now. It wasn’t until February 2020 when they had finally decided to make a move for the young striker. Negotiations between the clubs had begun in February and Barcelona were very confident of finalizing the deal. They were optimistic about landing Lautaro Martinez to Spain this summer. However, the pandemic and its effects had disrupted the negotiations since the club was impacted financially.

Before the pandemic, Barcelona not only had Lautaro Martinez in their plans but they had also planned on bringing back Neymar from Paris. But since their financial affairs were impacted big time, they could only afford to get one. The club favours Lautaro Martinez primarily because of his current price and believes that he could be even more expensive next summer. They also see him as the ideal heir to Luis Suarez, who turns 33 in January.

Negotiations for Lautaro Martinez

Negotiations between the clubs had resumed once again in April. Barcelona had decided to propose a player + cash deal, something which Inter weren’t totally against provided the deal is right. Many players were proposed in this operation. French Striker Antoine Griezmann was proposed, but Inter couldn’t match the wages he currently earns in Spain which is why they ruled him out. Vidal was another option, but Barcelona was keener on selling him as a separate entity rather than including him in a player-swap operation. The list got shorter and shorter, and it created more of a problem for Barcelona since they were struggling to reach an agreement with Inter.

Lautaro Martinez

The only player Inter would like in operation is Barcelona’s Junior Firpo. Not only Inter wants him, but Barcelona is also open towards adding him in the deal. In recent weeks, Firpo had positive talks with Inter and is open towards being added into a possible swap deal for Lautaro Martinez. He has given his “Yes” to join Inter. However, negotiations are now on hold since football is officially back. The club plans on resuming negotiations once the Champions League campaign is over.

As far as personal terms are concerned, everything is done and sealed. Lautaro Martinez has already given his “Yes” to move to the Camp Nou this summer. Multiple sources have confirmed that Lautaro Martinez will have a 5-Year Contract at Barcelona. Personal Terms were never a problem since the player has always been open towards moving to Spain and join forces with his Argentina Team-mate Lionel Messi. But this deal will not be done until there’s an agreement between the clubs.


Even though there’s still no agreement between the clubs, the saga isn’t over just yet. As stated above, Barcelona will resume talks for Lautaro Martinez in August, possibly after the end of the Champions League Campaign. The club knows that Inter rate their Argentine Player very highly and it won’t be a piece of cake just to snatch him away from Italy. Nonetheless, the player’s “Yes” and Firpo’s openness towards being added into the deal are all positives signs for Barcelona.

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