Victor Font and FC Barcelona: The Ultimate Combination for 2021

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Victor Font

Barcelona Presidential Candidate Victor Font

Victor Font is a presidential candidate in the upcoming FC Barcelona Election that is going to be held in 2021. He will be a candidate along with Joan Laporta, Agustí Benedito and other candidates. This article talks about why Victor Font is the best option Barca have right now for the President, and why is it so? What is his plan ‘ Sí al futur ‘ which means ‘Yes to the future’ and why it is perfect for Barca?

Who is Victor Font?

Víctor Font is a telecommunication, media and technology entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and CEO at Delta Partners. He is also a Board member of the firm. He is a successful business and is also FC Barcelona Member and goes by the member number 72.609. He is continuously working on his project ‘Yes to the Future’ since 2015 in which he claims is to reform Barca not just sportingly but also make critical economic changes which will help the club in the future.

Sí al futur & its main Aims
Victor Font and Si al futur
Victor Font in a meeting with Si al future

Si al futur” ( meaning ‘Yes to the future’) is the project to build a new Barca by 2030 when the greatest generation including Messi and Co is no longer on the pitch. The project claims that to be able to compete after this golden generation, Barca must be revamped from the core so it can face all the economic, social, and sporting challenges in the future.

Back to where it all began: La Masia

Barca dominated the footballing world having a style which was equal to none but what astonished the fans were the players that were playing for us. Majority of the team was from the famous Academy, La Masia. Players like Messi, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets etc. They were the core of the team who conquered the footballing world. Joan Laporta (former President) famously said that Real Madrid buy stars and Barca make them. But that has changed.

Victor Font’s Si al futur project claims to bring La Masia to its old glory days. Font believes that La Masia graduates are the best athletes to lead Barca’s sporting project as they know the model of how Barca works. From the Board of Directors to the lowest coaching level, Font believes every post should be held by someone who knows the Barca model through and through.

A Brand New Governance and Decision Making Model

In the future, we must make sure that each decision made by the Club is managed by those with the appropriate skills and experience.

-Victor Font

One of the main aims of Si al futur is to revamp the current governance model and instil a new one. Font believes that the members of the board should be chosen by relevant experience in the sports, business and institutional fields and who are willing to make difficult decisions. Its members own FC Barcelona, but the board makes the critical decisions without any suggestions from the members.

Victor Font believes that a separate board of advisors should be formed consisting exclusively of members which can directly advise the club on significant decisions. It will help in more involvement of members when crucial decisions are made and will create an environment of trust. That’s where Font’s other project comes in. He is a technologist, and he says that Barca should use an electronic voting system which not just save times but also enables members all over the world to record their votes and send them digitally.

FC Barcelona and a New Economic Model
Victor Font
Victor Font presenting his project Si al futur

Victor Font was the first person who warned that if things go as they are going on in FC Barcelona, we are very close to a situation like AC Milan once faced. The Economic Situation of FC Barcelona can be assessed by the fact the signings it had to make. Selling Arthur for Pjanic and the Cillesen-Neto deal last year are some indications of the economic threat Barca is facing.

FC Barcelona is owned by the members or on the bigger context, the fans. It is not owned by a single person or a company as is the case for the big clubs in Europe. Clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, PSG etc. They are owned by billionaires who can just splash the cash wherever they want. The FFP is there to account these overspending, but it is not working correctly, and it is evident from the last Man City case.

The case of Fc Barcelona is entirely different from these clubs. Victor Font says that to maximise the economic revenue that the club generates, FC Barcelona has to sell products and services directly to Barca fans all over the world minimising the intermediaries. He thinks the current economic situation is the worst that Barca has ever faced. Font believes the club has to think of innovative ways to deal with this situation that can only be possible if the members of the board have the capability and skill to deal with it.

Mes Que Un Club

Mes Que Un Club was instilled as the club motto in the year 1968. It means ‘More than a Club’ and is an indication of how FC Barcelona works. Barca has always been more than just a club. The treatment of the fans, standing to every problem the world is facing has been in the workings of the club. But that has changed over the past few years. With Sandro Rossell resigning due to the Neymar Funds case and many more situations like these, Barca has not led by example. Its high time the club comes back to its motto Mes Que Un Club.

Let’s take advantage of Barça’s influence to help face the main challenges posed by 21st century society

-Victor Font

Victor Font is a firm believer in our motto. He believes that Barca have a significant influence in the world, and it can help us to face the challenges posed by the 21st Century. He also believes that people who understand the club, should run it and he is very much open to call former players to hold positions of power. Font believes that legends like Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta who understand the club ethics, should work for Barca because they are the players who love the club more than the money.

Barcelona Elections 2021 and Xavi Hernandez

The biggest hope I have now is to be Barca coach and get Barca back to winning ways


Victor Font and Xavi
Font has been closely working with Xavi

Xavi has always said that he wants to return to Barca and coach our club one day. In one of his interview, Xavi also said that he wants to rebuild Barca from scratch. That could happen after Barcelona elections 2021, as Xavi is a big fan of Victor Font. Font is closely working with Xavi, and Xavi has always held the view that he is the best candidate that the Socios should consider him for the upcoming elections.

No one better than Xavi to lead our football project

-Font on Xavi

Xavi was approached by Barcelona for the managerial position in January as Valverde was sacked. But Xavi said that he rejected the move because the timing and the circumstances were not right. But if Victor Font is selected as the President of FC Barcelona, the door for Xavi to come back to Barca will always be open. And not just Xavi, Font believes former players should hold positions of power in the club as they know how the club is run.

Our Best Bet

Barcelona is in a transition period after the greatest generation that ever played for them reached the end of there careers. The post-Messi era will be full of trials and to build a team which is not dependent on Messi, the greatest to ever grace a football pitch will be a difficult task. The transition period under Bartomeu has been devastating. So, by looking at the candidates for the upcoming Barcelona Election, and analysing their projects, Victor Font is the best choice Barca have as the President.

Former President Joan Laporta is also a candidate, and latest reports claim that he is preferred over Font. But, Laporta right now does not have a plan of how he will deal with the current scenario, and Font does. Laporta was a great president for us but the situation last time and right now is entirely different. That is why Victor Font is the best candidate for the Barcelona Elections 2020.

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