VAR Scandal of El Clasico: The assistant warned Martínez Munuera that it was not a penalty!

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var scandal of El Clasico


El Clasico, 2020 was full of drama. The game had started on an exciting note with Real Madrid taking an early lead in 5th mins and Barcelona responding within 5 mins. But the game took a different turn after a controversial penalty was called for a foul on Ramos by Lenglet. The penalty was awarded after a shirt tug by Lenglet on Ramos, and there was lots of talk regarding that call.

 Koeman openly talked about how it was unfair for Barcelona after the game. But there is more to the controversy as Sport has learned that the Barçelona has evidence that the assistant had told Munuera that there was a previous foul by Sergio Ramos, although the Referee ignored it and did not point it out.

Var Scandal of El clasico, Ramos

For this reason, at Barcelona, they are considering requesting the audios of the conversations between the referees and the VAR room to find out what happened. At the club, they are convinced that this is all about a campaign against Barça led by Velasco Carballo, in charge of appointing the referees, and a referee who already had them with Barcelona in his active stage.

Also, more details about the referee, Martinez Munuera has emerged, which only adds fuel to the fire. Sport has claimed that Munuera has very close ties with Real Madrid. There are several rumours that Munuera’s father, Juan Ramon, is a founder of a Real Madrid fan club – Los Amigos de Benidorm.

Ramon is a former referee in the Spanish third division and officiated matches wearing a Real Madrid shirt underneath his referee’s uniform. It is not yet clear if Munuera himself is a diehard fan as his family, but considering this story, if it is indeed true, it is something very serious. 

Koeman had expressed his distress after the end of El Clasico, regarding the VAR Scandal in Laliga, especially about how it has been unfair for Barcelona in the games they have played.

“I can’t understand VAR. I think it is only used against Barcelona.”

                                       -Koeman after El Clasico

He had further said, “You always see shirt tugs like that in the final area, and I think Ramos had fouled Lenglet first. There definitely was a tug of the shirt, but not enough to make him fall behind as he did … for me, that is not a penalty.”

“The decision had a big influence on the final result because we were playing well up to the penalty. We played well, we created chances, and it’s difficult to understand how we lost, we didn’t deserve to lose how we did,” he added.

VAR Scandal of El Clasico

”We have had five matches and [VAR] has only been used to go against Barca. It’s never gone our way,” said Ronald Koeman.

Meanwhile, Ramos said there was no doubt about the penalty. “The penalty is very clear,” he said after the game. “For me, the action is clear. The referees and the VAR are there to help us.”

Real Madrid are continuously accused of being favoured by Referee for several occasions. Last season too, there was lots of controversy regarding decisions that went in favour of them, especially in the games post coronavirus hiatus. We saw the frustration among Barcelona player after failing to maintain their lead in the Laliga title race to lose the battle to Real Madrid eventually. The disappointment is evident this season too. Real Betis came out after the El Clasico comparing how Referee had a different opinion for the two similar fouls.

Let’s see how this case unfolds for the Laliga against Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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