Thiago to Barca, A Possibility?

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With no intention of signing any extension in a contract running out in 2021, 29 years old Spaniard veteran central midfielder Thiago Alcântara has now linked with transfer rumours. It seems like the Spaniard midfielder is destined for the new challenges. The possibilities of Thiago to Barca has become the topic of discussion in the final year of his contract with Bayern Munich.

The coronavirus pandemic has influenced the state of financial affairs in most clubs, resulting in financially guided moves in the transfer window. In this situation, everyone would like to use the best of the money available for the transfer. At this time it will be interesting to watch How much will football clubs invest in 29 years old.


Thiago has always been the favorite of Barcelona’s legendary man Pep GuardiolaBefore the transfer of Thiago to Bayern, Pep Guardiola said, “I spoke to the club and told them about my concept and told them why I want Thiago. He is the only player that I want. It will be him or no one.”

Being a favored man in the field, he has learned the grand vision and technique from Guardiola. Thiago is the man of accuracy. In the 2016-17 season of Bundesliga, Thiago maintained a 90.2% accurate pass rate throughout the year, which is higher than any other player in Germany.

He is such a play-maker known for the ball controls and intensity of his passing moves which lead to the goals. With his vision, technique, ball control, creativity, and passing ability, Thiago has headed the way to win several trophies. In 231 appearances for the German club, he has netted 31 goals and served 37 assists to win 15 trophies in total.

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Thiago’s father was a professional footballer Mazinho who is also a world cup champion. Since his father played for different clubs like Lecce, Fiorentina, Valencia and Celta Vigo, he had to move to the various cities where his father played during his early childhood. At the age of 14, he joined La Masia. Thiago waited almost four years to make his debut in the first team as on 17 May 2009. He could not get enough time until his second season 2010-11. But, he finished the season with three goals and the same number of assists. Despite struggling to get minutes, he managed to score seven goals in 68 appearances. He pursued the path of the coach Pep Guardiola and left the club for German giants Bayern Munich expecting to get more minutes.

Thiago has always been the great admirer of the Barca Man Messi. After the move of Pep Guardiola from Bayern to Manchester City, he praised Messi in an interview. While talking about the favourite to win the Champions League that season, he said “City are playing amazingly, but I don’t think ‘wow.’ [Only] Messi makes me go ‘wow”. The Messi Factor can be one of the reasons to pull Thiago to Barca.

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RUMOURS: Thiago to Barca

Lately, Thiago is strongly linked with the current premier league Champion Liverpool. In the post-match conference, Klopp said, “Would you be surprised if I don’t answer that, just because I never answer these kinds of questions?

“Thiago Alcantara is an outstanding player. Like a lot of other players out there, I like (him) a lot.

“But that’s all I have to say about that.”

German proponent of ‘Gegenpressing‘ philosophy hinted that the midfielder is in the eye of one of the best managers in the world. But it is ideally doubtful that, will the red go against the club’s methodology? Liverpool and the team have always been against the ageing squad. The German master is known for giving rise to the youngsters. Thus it will be a common question that if they should go for a 29-year-old man? If Liverpool comes along the way to get the midfielder in their team, the move of Thiago to Barca will be more difficult.

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Not Fit Enough For Liverpool?

The former Liverpool defender José Enrique looks the other way. He said: “I believe he will be an outstanding player for us, but how much do you want to spend on this player and for how many years is he going to perform in your team? That’s what you have to look at as well.

“I’m not sure it would be the best fit, but he’s an unbelievable player, there’s no doubt about that, and he would make the starting line-up.”

What Enrique said would interest the Liverpool fans over the globe. Liverpool has been playing a sensational football in the last few years, and they would not embrace any change in the system with ease.

The rumour started flying high after the Bayern Munich Club’s president said: “We haven’t had contact with Liverpool, but if he wants to go there, we’ll have to [sell].

“We’re negotiating with him, but it seems like he wants to try something new at the end of his career.

“We don’t want to lose him for free. I’m clear about that.”


On the other hand, the reports have linked the homecoming of Thiago to Camp Nou. Since the situation in Barcelona has been chaotic with some controversies like Arthur-Pjanic Saga and the political issues before the election of the board, the road to Camp Nou to the former Barca man could be arduous. Amid the financial affair resulted from coronavirus, the transfer could be possible if the price of the 29 years old is not so considerable.

Financial Trauma

With the departure of Arthur to Juventus and players in the field like Ivan Rakitić, Arturo Vidal, and Samuel Umtiti rumoured to leave the club, the incoming funds could be utilized to make the homecoming possible. Reports suggest that the club is willing to bring Neymar back. The club is also linked to Argentine Lautaro Martínez, which will entail a massive amount of money. These possible moves towards the Camp Nou can be the stumbling block to bring Thiago to Barca. Moreover, the failed transfers of the Football Club Barcelona led by the club’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu in the last few years would make Thiago rethink his choice.

Thigao celebrating goal with Messi.
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Barcelona is a club that used to believe in its young products from La Masia. Players like Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta evolved from FC Barcelona’s youth academy. But lately, the club’s transfer strategy, ‘to sell out the young and bring the old’ has stirred tension that makes Thiago deal even difficult.

The person involved with the club’s management has not spoken about the possibility of the transfer. But few reports claim some Barcelona players wish to have the 29 years old back to the club. The La Masia man has always been positive towards his former club. Barcelona gave him ample of opportunities by which the football world could recognize his aptitude to play this beautiful game, and he knows it.


Several speculations suggest Real Madrid is willing to knock down their rival Barcelona by stealing the former Barca man. At the age of 14, he joined Barca snubbing clubs like Real Madrid. They are eager to seek revenge. 

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Lastly, Bayern’s coach Flick said before facing Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday: “I hope he won’t go.” Thiago has always been essential to the German giants. They know the impact it would leave to the club after his departure. Many supporters would love to see him extending the contract for the Bayern. However, the club alone cannot stop his way if he chooses to focus on the change. It is totally up to him to decide where to end his remarkable career. He Flourished here, in Barcelona, and it is certainly possible that he blossoms back in Camp Nou.

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