Tactical analysis: Why Monchu deserves to be in Barcelona First team?

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FC Barcelona’s supporters are accustomed to the escalation of distinguished players from the second team to the first team, especially in the midfield, as we have seen Puig’s heavy involvement in the first team and we could be seeing this with Monchu soon.

Monchu, who mainly plays in the supporting center and his ability to play as a defensive pivot, can play both offensive and defensive roles.

In this tactical analysis, we will review what the player can give to Barcelona tactically and statistically.

Attacking style 

Ramón Rodríguez Jiménez, commonly known as Monchu one of the most critical players in the team on the offensive side, especially in the stage of the transition from defense to attack and always makes himself a solution in the process of build-up.

Monchu participated this season during 29 games, was able to score ten goals and create three others for colleagues. The team leader is characterized by vertical movement in the space between his team’s penalty area and the opponent’s penalty area, as we will see in his heatmap.

Monchu's heatmap
Here we can see that Monchu tends to be very deep in the field, as it moves vertically forward and tends to the left side a bit.

With an expected rate of contribution to goals between scoring goals and their assist, it reaches 0.34 (xG+xA) per game this season with Barcelona B, the fourth-best player in the attacking side.

But Monchu’s role does not stop there. Instead, he participates in the process of building from the back. He returns as a third defender in the construction process to facilitate the process of leaving the ball, with accurate passing up to 93% this season, as we will see in the next example.

Here we can see that Barcelona finds it challenging to get off the ball due to the pressure of the opposing team and cut the vertical or diagonal passes. Because of this, Monchu returned to become a third defender.

Here Monchu can get the ball well forward and break the first line of defense of the opposing team due to his return to that area.

The movement, both vertical and horizontal, makes Monchu special at the supporting central midfielder and can score either outside the box or inside the area.


Here we can observe the smart move of Monchu vertically to take the space on the far post without supervision to receive the cross ball.

Right positioning here, we can see a straightforward striker and be able to score the goal for his team due to its distinct and smart move.

Being a Barcelona midfielder means that you must have the intelligence to move, whether with the ball or without it vertically, progress in the half-spaces, and even reach the opponent’s penalty area to try and score.

Monchu not only attacks and contributes to building gameplay with skill and intelligence but also has good defensive contributions to the team.

Defensive contribution 

Monchu offers defensive support, especially with high-pressure ideas in the last third or middle third of the field, these attributes made him participate in some games in the center as a defensive midfielder, along with the supporting defensive center.

He has an interception rate of 0.8 times for each game; this makes him an indispensable midfielder in the defensive system as we will observe in the following examples.



Here we can see him as a defensive midfielder standing behind the quadruple midfield who presses while observing the opposing team, with follow-up to make the opposite decision as he stands in the path of pass diagonally to the opponent striker.

Here, after the ball was played horizontally, Monchu decided to pounce on the ball holder and cut it and contribute to the counter-attack.

The team leader has a success rate in total duels of up to 55%, along with his ability to tackle the ball in one meeting by up to two balls.


Here we notice Monchu stationed in the Barcelona pressure system in a man-to-man style watching the opposing player.

Here we note Monchu’s ability to disintegrate the ball from the opposing player in the middle third and prevent him from moving forward.

Monchu is an important player in pressure ideas for the Barcelona B team under the leadership of the coach Francisco Javier García Pimienta, which means that the player is offensive but takes part in front of the two defense hearts, as it happened in 8 games this season.

Targeting the ball, not the opponent, and trying to cut it must be worked on by Monchu on upcoming occasions, especially as he is one of the players nominated to escalate to the first team.

He has distinct capabilities in offensive and defensive support, except that some weaknesses diminish his performances.

Monchu’s weaknesses

He possesses some technical matters that must be dealt with, especially on the defensive side, as despite his somewhat acceptable length of 173 cm, his timing for jumping is not right.

We will notice this problem during the next example, as he made his team concede a goal.


Here we notice when the opponent plays the cross ball, we see that Monchu leaves the space behind him and does not mark his opponent well, but focuses on the ball.

When he decided to take the jump, the battle was lost because of his timing in that, as he touched the ball, but he was not able to kick it hard enough to clear.

Besides, he commits mistakes mainly in the midfield area and in front of his team’s penalty area.

Monchu is one of the team’s most distinguished players but needs to develop on the defensive side in one way or another.


In this analysis, we tried to look at the Barcelona team captain B and what he could offer the twenty-year-old, and why he should climb to the first difference. This is because he possesses the quality to assist big chances and participate in the build-up.

Besides that, the player is capable of defensive support and pressure throughout the field with dynamic movement, which gives him the quality to be in the first team, as his versatility could be exploited in multiple ways.

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