Sergino Dest’s Presentation at Barcelona and First Press Conference

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Sergino Dest's Presentation

Sergino Dest’s Presentation and Press Conference

Sergino Dest’s presentation at Camp Nou happened yesterday. The 19 years old Right-Back, which Barcelona signed from Ajax for a sum of 26m was unveiled at Camp Nou after a long wait.

Sergino Dest will take Jersey number 2, previously taken by Semedo and he is the first American player to sign for Barcelona.

Sergino Dest’s  First Press Conference

He started his First Press Conference speaking in Catalan with an “I’m delighted to be in Barcelona and long live Barça!”

Sergino Dest's Presentation, First Press Conference

Dest: “I’m looking forward to playing with my new teammates. These days I’m making my dream come true. Getting into the dressing room has already been exciting.

I look forward to my debut.”

Dest: “I’m ready to play on Sunday against Sevilla if Koeman sees it well. I have hope. to get to my best football level as soon as possible to help the team.”

He didn’t hesitate to talk about Davi Alves and his admiration for the Brazillian Right back.

Dest: “He’s my model, the player who has inspired me the most. My facet is mostly defensive, and I can play both rights and left, but I like getting to the top, as he did. I’m not afraid to get to the top if I have to go back later.”

He also talked about how It was essential for Barcelona to have Koeman as their coach.

Sergino Dest's Presentation at Camp nou

Dest: “Barça is a team with a lot of history and would have come anyway. But it is undeniable that it is important for Koeman to be Barça’s coach. He is Dutch, and that will make my connection and integration into the squad easier.”


“It will be exciting to play alongside Messi, the best player in the world. I will do everything to help Messi and the whole team. It will be amazing to get to know the best in the world. I will run until my lungs are out of the air for  Messi.”

He also talked about Sergio Roberto, the current and only active RB for FC Barcelona before Dest signed for Barcelona.

“He is an excellent player with lots of qualities. I remember his goal against PSG. I can learn from him, and I can learn from everybody. I hope that everybody gives me advice to reach my highest potential.”

About his decision to choose Barcelona

“Barça have so much history, and I’ve always wanted to play here. I followed my heart, and I have made the right choice.”

Sergino Dest's Presentation

“It’s a source of pride to be the first player from the USA at Barcelona. It’s a dream come true for me, and I’m looking forward to playing with my new teammates.”

Sergino Dest has started training alone at Ciutat Esportiva alongside non-starters of Barcelona vs Celta Vigo, Pjanic. Other players who played in Balaidos did a recovery session at the gym.


Starting in 15 out of the 20 games, 19-year-old Dest has had an incredible 2019/20 season. A season where the kid was one of the breakthrough names in the Dutch league owing to his skill, pace and versatility.

It will be exciting to watch Dest play for Barcelona under Koeman. Fans are excited to see him play and Koeman is delighted as well to have a guy from Ajax here at Barcelona.

Just when Roberto was starting to look like, he isn’t doing well, he had an excellent game against Celta Vigo just when Dest’s presentation as Barcelona player was around. It will be interesting to see Roberto and Dest fighting to earn the spot in starting XI. Koeman will probably take his time to test Dest.

Barcelona will face Sevilla on Sunday at Camp nou, and we will see if Dest makes debut for Barcelona or not.

Check out our video on Sergino Dest, ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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