Primera Iberdrola 2020/21 Teams – Detailed Analysis

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The start of the Primera Iberdrola is around the corner; it will be a longer league than normal, since 34 games will be played and it will last until June 27. This is due to the suspension of the last edition due to COVID-19, which cancelled the relegation of Espanyol and Valencia, while Santa Teresa and Eibar did rise in the category, which results in a league of 18 teams.

This implies that, exceptionally, this season, four teams will be relegated to Reto Iberdrola, making the fight to avoid relegation even harder. On the opposite side, there is good news. This season the first three positions will give a place for the next edition of the Champions League, making the battle there interesting too.

Here is everything you need to know about these 18 clubs that will participate in the 2020/21 Primera Iberdrola:

FC Barcelona

The current champion of Primera Iberdrola will seek to defend the title in this new edition of the domestic championship. Lluís Cortés maintains the hardcore of the players who raised the league last season and who gave such good results. What already works, it is better not to touch it, and it is clear that this Barça works wonderfully.

primera iberdrola

Incoming: Giovana Queiroz (Madrid CFF) and Cata Coll, reincorporated after her loan at Sevilla.

Outgoing: Stefanie Van der Gragt, to Ajax and Pamela Tajonar, to Logroño. To must add the transfer of youth squad players Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol to Sevilla and that of Candela Andújar, transferred to Valencia on loans.

Real Madrid

As expected, there have been numerous changes in the white squad, which is now leaving behind CD Tacón, who so discreetly participated in the last league edition, to defend the Real Madrid name and badge. The Madrid club knows that it has to invest to be able to stand up to Barça and Atlético de Madrid and as a result of that bet, numerous signings have arrived, mainly of young and Spanish footballers on which to build a project for the future.

20200930 205919Incoming: Marta Corredera (Levante), Ivana Andrés (Levante), Misa Rodríguez (Deportivo), Kenti Robles (Atlético de Madrid), Teresa Abelleira (Deportivo), Olga Carmona (Sevilla), Marta Cardona (Real Sociedad) and Maite Oroz (Athletic Club).

Outgoing: Marina Martín (Osasuna), Osinachi Ohale (Roma), Esther Martín (Valencia), Ainoa Campo (Deportivo), Patri Carballo (Deportivo), Gema Prieto (Deportivo).

Atletico Madrid

The Rojiblancas will present a new face in this Primera Iberdrola. After a blank year and with significant casualties, Atlético de Madrid has reinvented itself to try to face up as always. A large number of new signings makes them a very unpredictable team, although on paper the reinforcements have to provide extra competitiveness to the squad.

atletifemenino 20200930 1

Incoming: Merel Van Dongen (Betis), Paulin Peyraud – Magnin (Arsenal), Turid Knaak (Essen), Alia Guagni (Fiorentina) and Hedvig Lindhal (Wolfsburg). To these signings must be added the transfers of Jade Moore, from OL Reign, and Grace Kazadi and Emelyne Laurent, from Olympique Lyon.

Outgoing: Lola Gallardo (Lyon), Sari Van Veenendaal (PSV), Kenti Robles (Real Madrid), Olga García (Logroño), Elena Linari (Girondins), Olga Ovdiychuk (Zhytlobud-1) and Carolina Arias.


The ‘Granota’ team continues with its strong commitment to the women’s section and is increasingly close to sneaking into Europe. That will undoubtedly be their goal in this new season since there is one more place in the Champions League. They have seen important exits, but the reinforcements are also and can contribute a lot next to footballers of the stature of Alba Redondo, Eva Navarro or Claudia Zornoza.

Incoming: María Valenzuela (Granada), Irene Guerrero (Betis), Sandie Toletti (Montpellier), Carol Férez (Valencia), Viola Calligaris (Valencia), María Méndez (Deportivo) and Aldana Cometti (Sevilla).

Outgoing: Sandra Torres (Atlético Baleares), Gemma Gili (Real Sociedad), Maitane López (Real Sociedad), Marta Corredera (Real Madrid), Nerea Pérez (Santa Teresa), Ivana Andrés (Real Madrid) and Ona Batlle ( Manchester United). To these transfers, we must add the withdrawal of the footballers Sonia Bermúdez, Laura Gutiérrez (Guti) and Ruth García.

Athletic club

The ‘lionesses’ will pass a litmus test in this new season in which the validity, or not, of Ángel Villacampa’s project will be demonstrated. With several exits and few signings, the Athletic girls will once again have the weight under their shoulders.

Incoming: Amaia Peña (Pitt Panthers) and Sophie Istillart (Girondins).

Outgoing: Maite Oroz (Real Madrid) and Damaris Egurrola (Everton). We must add the transfer of Leia Zárate to Alavés and the withdrawal of Ainhoa ​​Tirapu and Ainhoa ​​Álvarez.

Deportivo Abanca

Those of La Coruña were the great revelation of the last edition and that caused several of its most important players to have a change of scene this summer. We’ll see how the new signings work and if Depor is capable of making a new move.

rcdeportivo 20200930 11
Barca’s toughest challenge at home from 19/20 season.

Incoming: Stephanie Blanco (Alajulense), Helena Torres (Alhama), Noelia Bermúdez (Alajulense), Ainoa Campo (Real Madrid), Kenni Thompson (Espanyol) and Lady Andrade (Milan).

Outgoing: Miriam Ríos (Tacuense), María Miralles (Real Oviedo), Maya Yamamoto (Espanyol), Patri Díaz (Pozoalbense), Núria Rábano (Real Sociedad), Laura Vázquez (Pozoalbense), Misa Rodríguez (Real Madrid), María Méndez (Levante) and Teresa Abelleira (Real Madrid).


After an irregular season in Primera Iberdrola last year, where they finished better than they started, the Tenerife club is renewed for the next edition to try to be the revelation team of the course again.

Incoming: Yerliane Moreno (Deportivo Táchira), Jackie Simpson (Sparta Braga), Andrea Zeolla (Florentina San Gimignano), Adrienne Jordan (OL Reign) and Enyer Higuera (Sol de América)

Outgoing: Joyce Borini (Madrid CFF), Rafaela Ancheta, Jujuba Cardozo (Eibar), Eva Llamas (Betis) and Tatiana Matveeva.


After a  season to be forgotten in which they were saved from relegation thanks to the suspension of the league, Espanyol has been renewed to try to get back on track a project that was on the verge of collapse last season, when they did not win a single match.

Incoming: Paula Nicart (Valencia), Laura Fernández (Madrid CFF), Marta Turmo (Madrid CFF), Nadia Karpova (Sevilla), Marianela Szymanowski (Betis), Maya Yamamoto (Deportivo) and Vani Correa (San Lorenzo).

Outgoing: Inés Juan (Logroño), Miriam De Francisco ‘Mimi’ (Europe), Daniela Cruz, Ayaka Noguchi (Pozoalbense), Paloma Fernández (Osasuna), Ainhoa ​​Martín (Seagull), Mariajo Pons, Raiza Santos (Hammarby) , Paula Moreno (Albacete), Katherine Alvarado (Saprissa) and Ana Torrodà (Valencia).


The Madrilenians leave behind a very regular campaign in which they maintained the category without suffering excessively. This year they suffer numerous exits, with which they must deal to maintain the category.

Incoming: Joyce Borini (Granadilla) and Priscila Borja (Betis).

Outgoing: Bruna Tavares, (Pozoalbense), Marta Turmo (Espanyol), Carol Hernández (Pozuelo), Laura Fernández (Espanyol), Raquel Poza (Santa Teresa), Giovana Queiroz (FC Barcelona), Laura Teruel (Atlético de Madrid B), Analu Martínez (Napoli), Ana María Català, Jang Sel Gi, Ingrid Moe (Everton), María Aurelle Awona (Dijon), Cristina Portomeñe and Mari Carmen García. Added to these casualties is that of the retired Alexandra López.


With the signing of Natalia Arroyo as the coach, Real Sociedad will seek this new season to finally complete its project and stand up to the greats from the noble zone of the league. Interesting reinforcements and, above all, the permanence of Nahikari, can be key.

realsociedadfem 20200930 2

Incoming: Nuria Rábano (Deportivo), Amaiur Sarriegi (Athletic Club B), Maitane López (Levante), Gemma Gili (Levante) and Sanni Franssi (Fortuna Hjorring).

Outgoing: Marta Cardona (Real Madrid), Carla Bautista (Valencia), Claudia Blanco (Albacete) and Sara Olaizola.


Those from Vallecas have said goodbye to several players in this transfer market, especially that of Oriana Altuve. Having started the preseason much later than the rest will prevent them from starting until Matchday 3. The management and financial problems of the section can be a major drag on a team that has been playing with fire for too long.

Incoming: Tere Morató (Barça B) and Zaira Flores (Barça B).

Outgoing: Saray García (Tacuense), Eva Masdeu (Pozuelo), Ángeles del Álamo (Parquesol), Eva Alonso (Penn State), Jennifer Santiago (Albacete) and Oriana Altuve (Betis). We must add the withdrawal of Alicia Gómez.

Sporting de Huelva

True to its tradition, Sporting is once again one of the fastest moving teams on the summer market. Those from Huelva will present many new faces this season, so their style is once again somewhat unpredictable. They are always a candidate to fight to avoid relegation, and this year it will be no less.

Incoming: Mikela Waldman (Maccabi Holon), Jenni Morilla (Seville), Vanesa Santana (Logroño), Paula García (ATM B), Mayra Ramírez (Independent of Medellín), Pamela Begic (Milan), Claire Falknor (Seville) , Ana Carol (Logroño), Dany Helena (Logroño) and Anna Buhigas (Betis).

Outgoing: Patricia Mascaró (Santa Teresa), Irene Rodríguez (Tacuense), Marta Peiró (Servette), Peace Efih (Zaragoza), Natalia Nogareda (Alhama), Princella Adubea (Racing), Selena Babb (Milan), Marina Steindl (Santa Teresa), Danica Evans (North Carolina) and Ana Jelencic. The withdrawal of Elena Pavel is added.


Another case like Espanyol. The ‘Che’ team, after a horrible campaign, was saved from relegation thanks to the suspension of the last edition of Primera Iberdrola. That has caused a major revolution in the squad, which will have a tough challenge ahead.

candelaandujar 20200930 8
Candela Andujar training with Valencia.

Incoming: Ana Torrodà (Espanyol), Candela Andújar (on loan from FC Barcelona), Carla Bautista (Albacete), Noelia Gil (Málaga), Ellen Jansen (Ajax), Esther Martín-Pozuelo (Real Madrid), Iina Salmi (Ajax), Kerlly Real (Córdoba), Shannon Woeller (Eskilstuna United) and Júlia Aguado, who comes up from the ‘ché’ subsidiary.

Outgoing: Gio Carreras (PSV), Carol Férez (Levante), Mari Paz Vilas (Betis), Paula Nicart (Espanyol), Natalia Gaitán (Sevilla), Mandy Van den Berg (PSV), Mónica Flores (Rayadas), Zenatha Coleman (Seville), María Pi (Granada) and Viola Calligaris (Levante).

Logroño EDF

The women from La Rioja have come from doing a very good job at Primera Iberdrola, and they want to maintain this line in the new course. With several interesting highs like Olga García’s, the players trained by Gerardo can be one of the positive surprises of the competition again.

Incoming: Pamela Tajonar (FC Barcelona), Olga García (Atlético de Madrid), Marta Canzalla (Betis), Inés Juan (Espanyol), Jule Talvo (Bondby). Nothando Vilakazi (Pretoria), Rebecca Elloh (Pyrgos Limassol) and Raquel Infante (Benfica).

Outgoing: Vanesa Santana (Sporting Huelva), Dany Helena (Sporting Huelva), Ana Carol (Sporting Huelva), Line Johansen (Fortuna Hjorring), Nágela Oliveira, Leticia Méndez, Isadora Freitas, Raquel García and Dorine Nina.


Eibar is one of the two promoted to Primera Iberdrola and will have to face the difficult challenge of adapting to the category. The club will maintain the block of players that led to promotion last season and incorporates fresh blood to try to stand up from the beginning.

Incoming: Queralt Gómez (Seagull), María Llompart (Levante Las Planas), Aida Esteve (Barça B), Noelia García (Lleida), Thembi Kgatlana (Benfica), Juliana Cardozo (Granadilla) and Charity Ogbenyealu (BIIK Kazygurt) .

Outgoing: Ines Ayestaran (Levante Las Planas), Irantzu Ibarrola (Racing), Silvia Pérez, Tomo Matsukaka, Titay Calvo (Real Oviedo) and Ane López. We must add the withdrawal of Marina Agoues.


The Sevillian team fooled with relegation last season and wants to change their feelings for this new season. Betis has reinvented itself with the incorporation of five new players who will bring a higher level to the squad and will seek to fight for something more than salvation, far below their possibilities.

Incoming: Jenna McCormick (Melbourne Victory), Mari Paz Vilas (Valencia), Eva Llamas (Granadilla), Aixa Salvador (Villarreal) and Oriana Altuve (Rayo Vallecano).

Outgoing: Anna Buhigas (Sporting Huelva), Marianela Szymanowski (Espanyol), Jermaine Seoposenwe (Sporting Braga), Marta Cazalla (Logroño), Alice Ogebe (KKP Bydgoszsz), Irene Guerrero (Levante), Priscila Borja (Madrid CFF), Meren Van Dongen (Atlético de Madrid), and Samantha Dewey. In addition, Ana Romero ‘Willy’ retired.

Santa Teresa

The other newly promoted team. The Santa Teresa returns to Primera Iberdrola after suffering a lot in second class and has been renewed a lot and very well in the summer market. We’ll see if they manage to be the revelation of the year in a league that seems tighter than ever.

Incoming: Patricia Mascaró (Sporting Huelva), Judith Verdague (Lenoir – Rhyne Bears), Raquel Poza (Madrid CFF), Nerea Pérez (Levante), Amanda Visco (NCAA Rutgers), Lissete Tammik (Napoli), Sini Laaksonen ( Ferencvárosi), and the one on loan from Benfica Caroline van Slambrouck.

Outgoing: Carrie Madden, Peyton Perea, Carla Gómez (Tacuense), Jessica Yañez, Fernanda Pinilla and Esperanza Cuello (Badajoz).


Sevilla will maintain the hardcore of the team this season, but they have renewed the squad to try, this time, to strike a blow at the Primera Iberdrola table. We will have to pay attention to the Barça youth squads Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol, who have been loaned to the Seville team.

IMG 20200930 205846
Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol training with Sevilla.

Incoming: Zenatha Coleman (Valencia), Javiera Toro (Colo Colo), Aivi Luik (Melbourne City), Natalia Gaitán (Valencia) and those on loan from FC Barcelona Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol.

Outgoing: Pancha Lara (Le Havre), Aldana Cometti (Levante), Jennifer Morilla (Sporting Huelva), Uchenna Kanu (Linkoping), Claire Falknor (Sporting Huelva), Olga Carmona (Real Madrid), Nadya Karpova (Espanyol) , Sabrina Flores (NWSL Sky Blue) and Yanara Aedo.


Source of the above article: SPORT  written by Patricia Martinez.



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