Pedri Comes Back Stronger From Injury

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Pedri Comes Back Stronger From Injury

Pedri Comes Back Stronger From Injury

Pedri comes back stronger. He has carried out a program to gain muscle strength during his injury. The results have been excellent: he has gained 4 kgs of muscle mass. Pedri used the TRX bodybuilding system with 3 or 4 extra sessions every week.

Pedri already started a plan to improve his physicality last season but due to the number of games he played, there was little room to work on it. Since the start of this season he started to work more intensely and the injury gave him much time.

That plan was executed in the club’s gym, starting with physiotherapy and training sessions and then at home with 3-4 sessions per week. In his house he has, in the parking area, a space with kettlebells (with handles), medicine balls and a TRX.

Pedri wants to reach the maximum limit of what his muscles give him without losing speed or flexibility. Today’s football is very physical and everyone wants to catch up with opponents who have also improved on a physical level.

During the 3+ months out Pedri worked together with Barcelona and a personal physical trainer, and his weight has increased from 60 to 64 kgs due to muscle mass. It is noticeable in the upper area: the shoulder, the arms and the so called core area.

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