More details in the Ousmane Dembélé case and the almost final story with Barcelona

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After the negotiations between Dembele’s agent and Barcelona fell almost completely, we will reveal new details about Ousmane Dembele’s story and the change of direction that took place in the negotiations between the parties.

Sources tell the Barça Times that Moussa Sissoko has 3 offers from different clubs regarding a very large signing bonus. These are not sums he demands from Barcelona. But these are high sums that the club cannot pay.

Moussa Sissoko has given the green light to the club’s terms to extend Dembele’s contract in November, but sources say Barça suspect he has changed his mind following the signing grants offered to him by other clubs.

In recent meetings the agent has come to the club with exaggerated demands to try and see what Barça can offer because Dembélé did want to stay, but Barça informed him: “Our latest offer is final and we will not increase it.”

Sources close to Dembele said the player’s camp has divided opinions but they believe the agent is serving Ousmane’s interests.

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