Messi Slammed Bartomeu and Board in his Farewell message for Suarez on Instagram

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Messi slammed bartomeu for Suarez

Lionel Messi slammed Bartomeu and Board while penning down an emotional farewell message for Suarez. With already frustrated Messi, who was seeking his way out but was not given his exit as he wanted by the club, he didn’t hesitate to fire shots to Bartomeu and Board.

After six years of glory at Barcelona, Suarez is now the Atletico Madrid Player. He departed after winning 13 trophies and is the only player to have won Golden shoe, twice in the era of Messi-Ronaldo dominance.

After weeks of rumours of Suarez linked with Italian clubs; stories of Suarez trying to stay amidst Coach’s desire not to keep him, He finally signed for Atletico and Messi felt it was not the right way to treat Suarez. He was probably aiming to how Koeman informed Suarez in a min long phone call about not keeping him in his plans which is how all this started.

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Ya me venía haciendo la idea pero hoy entré al vestuario y me cayó la ficha de verdad. Que difícil va a ser no seguir compartiendo el día a día con vos, tanto en las canchas como afuera. Los vamos a extrañar muchísimo. Fueron muchos años, muchos mates, comidas, cenas… Muchas cosas que nunca se van a olvidar, todos los días juntos. Va a ser raro verte con otra camiseta y mucho más enfrentarte. Te merecías que te despidan como lo que sos: uno de los jugadores más importantes de la historia del club, consiguiendo cosas importantes tanto en lo grupal como individualmente. Y no que te echen como lo hicieron. Pero la verdad que a esta altura ya no me sorprende nada. Te deseo todo lo mejor en este nuevo desafío. Te quiero mucho, los quiero mucho. Hasta pronto, amigo.

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Messi wrote, “You deserve to depart like who you are; One of the most important players in the history of Club, achieving great things in a group and individually. And not getting kicked out as they did. But, the truth is, at this point, I am not even surprised.”

The whole Footballing world is going to Messi this duo; the most lethal duo. Messi would find Suarez without even looking, and Suarez would know Messi will find him without even thinking. It indeed was the end of a great duo; From the deadliest trio MSN which once ruled the Football, only Messi remains.

Many people were shocked with how Messi slammed Bartomeu and Board with his message, and many players came in support of Leo in comments.

The ‘N’ of MSN, Neymar commented, “Incredible how they do things.”

The Brazilian beast, ex-Barca player, Dani Alves was the first to come out and support Messi. He commented, “Unfortunately, that is the reality which has been there for a long time. It gets confirmed year after year! It’s not about winning or losing, It’s about respect, and they don’t. Keep it up; somehow, we are there.”

Former Barcelona player, Fabregas and E’to also extended support for Lionel Messi.

Finally, Luis Suarez also responded:

“Thank you, my friend, for your words but more thanks for being as you are, for what you were from the first day with my family and me. Don’t forget what I told you ‘continue enjoying and show them that you are one for the reason that 2, 3 or 4(people) do not cloud how huge you are for the club and in the world of football”.

“I love you very much, my friend, and we are going to miss you, Us Five.”

Messi slammed bartomeu

Everyone is going to miss this duo. It was such an incredible bond they shared on and off the pitch.

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