Messi Dedicated His Goal Celebration To Suarez Against Villarreal

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Messi dedicated his goal celebration to Luis Suarez

Messi Dedicated his Goal Celebration


Messi dedicated his goal celebration to his all-time partner Luis Suarez while scoring his first Liga goal for Barcelona this season against Villarreal.

Messi and Suarez were not just two players playing for the same team; their friendship was beyond that. Messi had slammed Bartomeu and Board while writing down an emotional farewell message for Suarez.

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Messi had written, “You deserve to depart like who you are; One of the most important players in the history of Club, achieving great things in a group and individually. And not getting kicked out as they did. But, the truth is, at this point, I am not even surprised.”

Furthermore, the duo promised each other that their friendship will remain forever, despite now being the rivals.

But that was not the only promise, and that is that the two friends agreed to celebrate the goals in the same way if they scored in their corresponding league games.


Luis Suárez made his debut for Atletico, with a double and an assist despite coming as a sub, and Leo Messi also scored in Barça’s victory against Villarreal. Both players celebrated the goal in the same way: clenched fists and towards heaven. Messi dedicated his celebration for Suarez, but we didn’t realise then.

Hours later, we have learned that Leo and Suarez promised to celebrate if they scored, in the same way, a gesture of friendship that they will always have.

Barcelona looked sharp against Villarreal, Fati scored twice, Messi scored one, and one goal came from own goal from setup created by Messi.

Atletico and Barcelona both started off with a great victory; With Messi and Suarez on the either side, The Laliga 2020/21 Campaign is going to be very interesting.

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