Luis Suarez closer to leaving Barcelona, End of an Exquisite Era

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After spending six years at Football Cub Barcelona and winning a total of 13 trophies for the club, Luis Suarez could leave Barcelona in the coming days after the terrible humiliation against Bayern as a part of the massive renovation of this team. Several reliable sources suggest that Koeman has made it clear to Suarez that he doesn’t count on him for the upcoming season. The club has also made it clear about their desire to see Suarez out, despite Suarez’s will to continue for at least one more season.


Luis Suarez

On 11 July 2014, Suarez agreed with Barcelona on a five-year contract for an undisclosed transfer fee. However, according to a leaked document by Football Leaks, the fee was £64.98 million (€82.3 million), making him one of the most expensive players in world football history.

Luis Suarez has scored 198 goals and managed 109 assists for Barcelona in 283 appearances. The Uruguayan only has only two players above him in the table of scorers for Barcelona: Leo Messi, with 634 and César, with 232. He has won 13 trophies in total for Barcelona and is the only player to win the golden shoe in Messi-Ronaldo’s ten years of the dominant spell.

He has won the European Golden shoe twice, one with Liverpool and then with Barcelona.


Luis Suarez

If you look at the stats of Suarez, it would sound Harsh to say he has been on a decline since the past few years. He has continuously contributed to the team through his goals and assists primarily through that beautiful Messi-Suarez link up. But, we all know how it was getting more and more evident of his decline in contributing to the build-up, putting pressure and overall team play.

While he remains the effective player in terms of goals and assists after Messi year after year, the number of chances he has missed are in an awful lot of numbers. (Sofascore)

2017/18 29 20
2018/19 36 18
2019/20* 17 5

( *He had only 28 Laliga appearances as he missed out due to his Knee Surgery)

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Suarez’s laliga contribution has always been immense; it’s his performance in the Champions League that made people question his ability and contribution to the team. His goal against Bayern in 8-2 annihilation was his Champions League goal away from Camp Nou for the first time since September 2015.

Since 2016/17 Messi is the top scorer for Barca in Champions League followed by own goal and then comes Suarez. And, to be honest, it’s not just about the goals, it’s about how he performed in all those games where Barca was utterly humiliated. Suarez managed to score against Bayern in the Champions League, but if you were to take away that goal, he had a pretty lousy game like how it had been happening for a while.


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After 8-2 humiliation, it was crystal clear about how much things need to change in Barcelona. Bartomeu promised to make a lot of changes and Abidal and Setien has already been sacked. Koeman is already appointed as Barcelona’s new manager, and there are several speculations of the possible exit of many heavyweights from the dressing room.

Barcelona is currently criticized a lot for how they have failed in managing certain things. In this issue regarding the departure of individual players too, it seems like there is lack of communication between the players and the club authority A few days ago, Suarez came up and talked about how the club didn’t discuss anything regarding his possible exit.

Despite Suarez’s desire to continue, it’s almost confirmed that he will leave Barcelona. Ajax is the viable option for Suarez and Barca will be eyeing to bring in Van de Beek for Suarez if possible. Several Italian clubs are interested in Suarez too, and there was also an offer from Inter Miami CF of Major League Soccer, for Suarez back in July 2020.

Messi Suarez


Culers went through more moments of heartbreaks and disappointment than moments to cherish in the past few years, so, a massive change was essential. Suarez’s exit seems vital at this point, but it is equally important that if he has to leave, he gets the respect he has earned. Suarez is indeed the Barca Legend.

From MSN trio to Messi-Suarez-Dembele to Messi- Suarez-Griezmann, he has been there, as a part of the fascinating history of this club. Messi- Suarez linkup is probably the most lethal combination in the world; they would find each other even without having to look around.

There are just so many things; fans are going to miss with Suarez’s exit. They will miss those long-range shots, that backheel goal, those powerful strikes, that no-look link with Messi, those sumptuous volleys and many more. It will indeed be an end of a beautiful era with his departure, and it will be challenging to fill the void of El Pistorelo.

He Indeed deserves a warm farewell. Hope that this club will be able to treat a club legend rightfully if he ends up leaving.

Thank You and Good Luck Suarez!

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