Lionel Messi, the Master Key for Barcelona against Bayern

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There’s nothing like a 1% chance in Champions League. It’s always 50/50. We all witnessed how PSG made that great comeback against Atlanta in the final minutes of the game. Since the format is single-legged, to go out in Lisbon, thinking this game is lost is unrealistic and pathetic, especially when you are Futbol Club Barcelona and more especially when you have Lionel Messi in the team.


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Probably the most awaited fixture in the Champions League is underway at Lisbon. Bayern has been the most in-form team in Europe. Meanwhile, Barca collapsed in Laliga, and this trophy is the only thing they have a chance to win.

For Barca, it’s all or none, and Bayern is more than eager to get this trophy to complete a treble to mark this sensational season of theirs. Lewandowski is playing his career-best form, and the whole Bayern squad looks very promising. But, above all, what sets Barca apart from Bayern is the little genius, Lionel Messi.

Such games are meant for the big names to take the lead. Messi is the guy who is used to rise on crucial occasions for ages. If culers are optimistic about this fixture, it’s partly because they have this little genius who can come up with a goal out of nowhere. He’s such a genius.


Messi vs Bayern in UCL,2009
Messi vs. Bayern in UCL,2009

Messi was very crucial in this victory, especially in the first leg where Barca won 4-0. He scored the opening goal in the 9th minute to open the scoreline. He then made a beautiful pass to E’to to render it 2-0 neal within the 20th minute of the game.

He scored in another at the 38th minute and was involved in the final goal as well. Not just in terms of scoring, Messi was relentless throughout the game. He was making those runs, cutting through the defenses, attacking, linking with Alves, Xavi, Iniesta, and showed a spectacular performance.

In the second leg, Barca drew 1-1 to Bayern and won the game. They further went on and won the UCL trophy and sealed the historic treble for Barcelona.




Barca met Bayern in the semi-final, and it turned out to be an absolute nightmare to Barca fans. Messi played the first leg although he was having hamstring issues since Quarterfinal game against PSG which they lost 4-0. As for the second leg, Messi was benched, and they lost for a 3-0 score-line.

Messi scoring that sumptuous goal vs. Bayern in the Champions League
Messi scoring that sumptuous goal vs. Bayern in the Champions League

If we are talking about Barcelona and Bayern, then it is mandatory to talk about this particular game, especially what Messi did. He scored twice against Bayern and set up Neymar for the final goal of that night. Before the match, Neuer had opted that he was all set to face Leo.

He said, “I have a lot of respect for Messi and for everything that he has achieved. He is very humble,” Neuer told L’Equipe

“But it’s crucial to show authority when we meet on the pitch and show him who’s boss. I did the same in the World Cup final and this worked out pretty well.”

“We will be looking to do the same on Wednesday night. It is vital to obtain a position of dominance and instill respect”, he continued.

Messi doesn’t like to speak much, and indeed he responded well to Neuer with his spectacular performance that took the world by the storm.

In his second goal, he made Boateng look ridiculously awful as he went on the ground while Messi made his turns and chipped up the ball swiftly over the German goalkeeper, Neuer.

Messi was the key man in the first leg stunning victory and made Boateng question himself over and over again with his second goal.

The internet went crazy over that goal, and he had one spectacular night that is remembered to this day with much much admiration.

Overall, his stats showed that he had much more in that game other than those two goals and one assist.


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If we were to see the form Bayern is in, it would make any team scared. But, this is Futbol Club Barcelona. It doesn’t matter how they are playing, until and unless Lionel Messi is there, playing, he can turn around the game.

Sometimes, all we need is a little moment of magic to make miracles happen. And, this magical man plays for Barcelona. Barca is more than ready, and so is Lionel Messi.

Off to Lisbon, here we go!

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