How Bartomeu is exposed in Messi-Barcelona-City Saga 2020?

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The whole footballing world has common interest these days; What happens next in the Messi-Barcelona-City and the Bartomeu saga? Here we will talk about the turns of this Messi-Barcelona-City saga and how Bartomeu is leading football club Barcelona to their biggest nightmare of all time.

“We just cannot make this a dispute between Leo Messi and Barcelona because neither of them deserves it,” These were the words of Ramos Planes, the technical director of Barcelona, A day after Lionel Messi told the club that he wants to leave via burofax. Francisco Trincao was scheduled to be presented as a Barca player the next day after Messi’s message to the club. Instead of Bartomeu, Ramos Planes came on to talk about Messi’s situation.

A few days later, the dispute is still there, Messi-Barcelona-Saga is still on, no clear step from Bartomeu about it, no clear decision has been made from the club side.

Messi’s absence from yesterday’s PCR test for players made it clear about Messi’s desire to leave. This Messi-Barcelona-city saga is just another symptom of wrongdoings happening under the Bartomeu regime.


Rosell and Bartomeu


Things started to get wrong for Barcelona ever since Rosell took over. After Laporta departed from the club in June 2010, Sandro Rosell was soon elected as the new president.

A lot of things went wrong under that period. His first action as Barca-president was off-loading Dymytro Chygrynskiy for 15.000.000€ (he was bought for 25.000.000€ by Joan Laporta as long term replacement of Puyol) and loaning out Zlatan Ibrahimovic to AC Milan for the 2010/2011 season for free.

He also managed to humiliate Johan Cruyff when he stripped him off the Honorary Presidency of FC Barcelona. Barca sure had some glorious years with 9 trophies in total. But, it’s under Rosell where Pep, the artist of the artistic football played in Barcelona was criticized, unsupported and finally given an exit.



Initially, Bartomeu served as Rosell’s vice-president of Barcelona from July 2010 to January 2014 after they won the election with 61.35% of the vote of the members of the club. And, Following the resignation of Sandro Rosell on 23 January 2014, due to the so-called “Neymar case,” Bartomeu was, following the club’s constitution, elected, as the fortieth President of Barcelona, to complete Rosell’s term.

While Bartomeu’s regime sure is decorated with lots of trophies including the treble in 2014-15 season, things were wrong since the beginning. There were some beautiful days for with Messi-Suarez-Neymar trident. But, Neymar had an ugly exit from Barcelona, and all the wrongdoings under Bartomeu were slowing coming into light.


According to research, Barcelona has spent over €1 billion from 2014-2015 till the Griezmann’s transfer. This doesn’t make sense for a club which has such a talented academy, La Masia. The academy from where Barcelona got gems like Xavi, Iniesta and even Lionel Messi himself.

From letting youth players get their chances to go out for big signings year after year, Barcelona has lost its dignity. It’s not surprising we are getting rumours of Barca going for Lautaro even after signing Griezmann in the previous season.

Expensive signings under Bartomeu

Moreover, it’s not just about the sum of money spend on a transfer window. You look at the current Barcelona team, the majority of players that play are near or above 30. Jordi Alba, who’s 31 signed new contract with Barcelona to keep him till 2024 back in 2019. Barcelona had signed 11 defenders in total under Bartomeu to fill the void of Puyol. But, they are still relying on Pique. Umtiti was suitable for some time, and Lenglet and Semedo are currently at a decent form, But that isn’t enough to clarify how only 2 or 3 among these signings came out okay.

Also, Barca signed eight midfielders and eight forwards in total, which makes us wonder how can Barca still struggle.

Check out our article: for in detail review of signings under Bartomeu.


tired Messi

Lionel Messi, he was the reason it didn’t come to notice to culers about things were massively wrong at Football Club Barcelona. Valverde had a decent period at Barcelona thanks to Messi’s goal contributions. In a recent thread by a fan in twitter, he mentioned about how Barca has been relentlessly relying on Messi for goals in the last 6 years.

So, Barcelona goes on and makes billion purchase and still there’s no one other than Messi and at least Suarez to help create or score goals. Messi was going to get tired someday, wouldn’t he?


valverde bartomeu

Bartomeu has failed massively not just in terms of buying players but also in managing the exits and certain situation around the club. From constant lack of opportunities to la Masia graduates despite them showing their quality to irrelevant business of young players, culers have suffered a lot under Bartomeu. Alena, Cucurella, Todibo, Carles Perez didn’t get many chances. Arthur, with whom fans had so much expectation was pushed to the edge to seek out for Pjanic, who has potential but not for the long run.

Culers had a difficult time after Roma and Anfield under Valverde and it’s still baffling how the coach wasn’t sacked after those incidences and had to seek exit after a semi-final defeat against Atletico in Supercopa. Then came Setien with whom fans had hoped since he was always vocal about Cryuff philosophy and had displayed some beautiful football at Real Betis.

He couldn’t do much and was sacked after 8-2 humiliation at Lisbon. Rumours suggest Abidal told Setien about his place over dinner and later on Abidal himself was sacked from his Sporting director position. Hell of a joke, right?

Currently, Koeman is appointed as a new coach, and Bartomeu had promised to make some huge changes in regards to current squad and management. There were rumours of Koeman going strong with players and asking them to seek out. Strong rumours from Spain suggest, Koeman apparently talked to Suarez over the phone and asked him to find a way out.

Suarez later expressed his bitterness over the current situation as he’s willing to stay for a one more season and wouldn’t mind being played as a substitute. While there are no strong rumours of a concrete deal regarding any of the current players other than Rakitic moving to Sevilla and Messi’s rumours, the way Suarez situation was handled was indeed, massively criticized.

So, As it stands, Rakitic is leaving, Suarez, Vidal might be sold out as well. But, not much on any other changes contradicting to what he had promised after the defeat. The only change that’s happened is, Abidal and Setien are sacked, Rakitic is leaving, and Messi wants to leave.


messi-barcelona-city and Bartomeu

Everyone knows now that, Lionel Messi, the greatest player ever wants to leave Barcelona. As beautiful as Messi’s journey with Barcelona is, as bitter as his farewell heading towards. This whole Messi-Barcelona-City saga has new turns every day, and Bartomeu seems to make it ugly with his every move. Messi has always been vocal about how he wants to end his career here and how much he loves this club and the City. So, where it went wrong?

“I want to stay here as long as people and the club want it.”                                                          – Leo Messi

Back then, when this video came out, no one in their wildest imagination would have imagined the situation we are currently in. In my perspective, the reason Messi wants to leave is, there had been many occasions where appropriate changes would have been made, there were several occasions when it seemed like some changes shouldn’t have been made( in terms of how Valverde was sacked, how Arthur departed).

Messi has said it on repeat that, this club lacks a wining project; things need to change if they want to win again like before.

Moreover, Messi has relentlessly been carrying Barcelona almost by himself for some seasons. Messi didn’t give up when he was leading Barca for a treble under Valverde before Roma happened.

He kept going even when he was the sole reason Barca were in the semi-final the following season before the team massively collapsed in Anfield. Messi didn’t give up on this club even when the scandals related to Bartomeu paying a social media company to create a campaign against players like Messi and Pique surfaced.

While the club immediately denied all this, but indeed there isn’t fire without smoke.

Messi had only raised his voice in a clear way when Abidal claimed in an interview to SPORT per Marca that it was down to players ‘not giving all they could’ on his take on Valverde’s sacking. Leo took it to Instagram to speak on his defence.

Messi sure was disappointed in Abidal as he had left no stone unturned for Barcelona to give glory and it was clearly not the way to blame players for the management decisions.


The latest on the Messi-Barcelona-City saga is Messi didn’t appear on the PCR test which means he’s not eligible for training as well. Messi’s side remains firm on his departure, and Bartomeu and Co remain tight on their will to keep Messi.

There’s not a single doubt about Messi going to City in case he ends up leaving. Pep was rumoured to be in Barcelona, and there have been talks between Messi’s father Jorge and City already regarding the transfer of the Argentine.

There were rumours of Bartomeu willing to resign if that makes Messi stay at the club. But, that just seems like a desperate bait from Bartomeu to polish his tarnished image by keeping Messi.

The more recent news is related to the contract clause of Messi. The club and even Laliga have claimed that Messi has a contract in force until 2021 and the player has a termination clause(around 700m) and can be freed only through this clause. But, several reliable sources have confirmed about Messi not being bound by a 700m release clause from the end of 2019/20.


Despite Messi’s constant take on his desire to leave, he doesn’t want to end it in an uglier manner. He wants to talk and has asked the club twice for a friendly exit; he would never face a lawsuit against the club he loves. The current issue is about that clause of Messi, and recently a video has resurfaced where Bartomeu himself is seen clarifying about Messi’s right to leave before the 20/21 season as a free agent.

So, it’s clear that if this ends up in court, it would definitely go in Leo’s favour, but that’s not what Messi wants. We don’t know what happens next in this Messi-Barcelona-City saga, but it’s much clear that Bartomeu has failed horribly. There have been protests outside the office, and a motion of censure against the management of Barcelona has recently begun.

But, it all comes down to Messi and his decision. He has been the victim of the worst management.

If this Messi-Barcelona-City saga ends up with Leo actually leaving for the Pep’s team, then Bartomeu surely is going down in the history book as the man who destroyed single-Handedly.

It’s not how it was supposed to happen, or better say, it wasn’t supposed to happen, but it might happen for real. The beautiful journey of Medicine man that started with a napkin is ending on a burofax. Fans will never be able to forgive Bartomeu for this and it will take a toll on this club to handle things after Messi’s departure.


From Messi- Barcelona and only Barcelona to Messi-Barcelona -City, how things have changed under Bartomeu.

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