Ferran Torres Has Been Presented As A Barca Player

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Ferran Torres Has Been Presented As A Barca Player

Ferran Torres Has Been Presented As A Barca Player

Ferran Torres has been presented as a Barca player. The player had his presentation at the Camp Nou on January 3rd. A press conference followed wherein Laporta and Alemany addressed a few concerns around the club.

Ferran Torres, Joan Laporta, Mateu Alemany and Rafael Yuste during the press conference.

Ferran Torres:

“Today is a very special day for me and my family. From the first moment that Barça showed interest in me, I didn’t hesitate. I am ambitious and I like challenges. Thank you to everyone who was here and who welcomed me as a Barca player. It’s a dream, we know the greatness of this club and I will do everything in my power to put this club in the position it deserves. Thanks again for the warm welcome, we need your support because Barca needs it, Visça El Barça”

“I’m so happy to be here. Everyone has been great in the dressing room. I’m excited and ready to play. I shared the dressing room with some, and frankly everyone welcomed me into the dressing room. Yesterday’s victory was very important and the three points were what the team needed. We can’t wait for the next game.”

“What does playing for Barcelona mean to me? I know it is the best club in the world and it always has to compete to fight for championships, I will always try to do the best. We know our team is young, and I’m here to give everything and continue to grow. When I left Valencia I knew I was going to a very good club, but when I left City for Barca, I knew I was going to the best club in the world and I wanted this deal to happen.”

“I am very happy, I hope to show that on the field. I have great teammates and I can’t wait to play with them. Have I spoken to Xavi? It was one of the reasons why I came, the coach wanted me. When I learned that Xavi is coaching Barca, the decision was easier for me. I had great coaches like Pep, Enrique and now Xavi. I am fortunate to have the coaches who supervised me, and I also realized that I am a multi-tasking player and can play in several positions.”

“What is the best position for me? I think my best position is on the right wing, I feel comfortable there, but I will play wherever the coach wants me. Your deal announcement was titled Dream Teen? Yes, these guys are even younger than me and this is evidence that they are talented and this is what they showed, and I hope these talents affect me and help me/”

“I am currently training alone and I hope soon I can play 90 minutes and help the team, probably in two weeks I will be ready. How is Ferran outside Football? I am a quiet person, family, I like to stay at home. Is your sister important in your life? Yes we are a united family, she is a sister I can count on.”

Ferran, on playing under Pep:

“Pep is one of the best coaches in the world, and I’ve learned a lot from him. He made me take new challenges, play on new positions. I have great memories and learned a lot. He advised me to face challenges with great enthusiasm. City is one of the best clubs in the world. I am an ambitious person and it is a challenge to get here and join a team with youngsters. Playing with Pep makes it easy for you to adapt here? I think yes.”

President Laporta

“Today we present a great player. Ferran has shown a lot of desire to come. I really liked the desire he had to come to play for Barça. Mateu Alemany, Jordi Cruyff and all the coaching staff, Ferran wanted Barça, and it was his first choice to make Culés happy again. Thank you and your agents, Ferran. Visça El Barça”

Joan Laporta, on a big summer signing, like Haaland:

“With Ferran we made an exception, signing a player with no salary margin. But our team is working hard to improve our situation. Everything is possible” Laporta: “I don’t want to talk about any other player, because it doesn’t help us. Talking about a particular player increases his value. We are working on strengthening the positions that the coach needs”

President Laporta, on how people couldn’t believe we could sign Ferran, and here he is:

“I say again, Barcelona remains a reference in the football market. Everyone’s get ready: we’re back”!

Joan Laporta on the CVC deal:

“We haven’t considered taking CVC’s offer. Barcelona does not need to owe more people money. We need revenue and we are working hard for it”

Matteo Alemany, on the registration of Ferran Torres:

“The reality is that when we signed Ferran we knew that we had no salary limit. We are working to be able to register him before next Sunday ”

Mateu Alemany, on Dembélé :

“A meeting for Dembélé is not scheduled. We’ve been in contact with his agents for five months, they know the club’s position, we have been very patient and he has had an offer for a long time and we are awaiting his response. “

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