Claudia Pina & Carla Armengol: Loan to Sevilla

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It’s a done deal. Barcelona and Sevilla reached a loan agreement for the transfer of Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol. The La Masia products will be providing their services to the Andalusian team for the upcoming 20/21 season in Primera Iberdrola. 


History with Barca

Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol have risen from Barcelona’s youth system; the youngsters are attack-minded offensive players. They have contributed immensely to Barca B, last season Claudia Pina lead as the top scorer with 15 goals and Carla close by with 12 goals to her credit. 

Claudia made her first debut at the age of 16 in 2016. Carla, a few years later, made her debut with fashion. Her first appearance with the seniors was at a Champions League match vs Minsk in 2019. Soon, after that, she made her Primera Iberdrola debut against her team for the next season, Sevilla. 

Claudia Pina & Carla Armengol as players

Claudia is a #10 playmaker, an attacking midfielder; she can play as a 9 or false 9 as well. The two-footed player is known for her creativity, game awareness, dribbles and hunger to score goals. Here’s a more in-depth analysis of the youngster. 

Carla Armengol has a different tale to tell. The 22-year-old is long overdue in recognition. The top-flight in Spanish football has been deprived of her presence. She is a two-footed winger, covers both wings and usually plays wide. She is very fast, her incredible pace, excellent first touch and versatility makes her a dangerous attacking player. Her loyalty and dedication to Barcelona is an example for La Masia players, season after season she proved herself to be a good enough player for first division however she lacked an edge, and some may argue an opportunity as well. Unlike Claudia she has renewed for one season with an option for a second, her loan stint with Sevilla has everything riding on it. 


Sevilla: What to Expect? 

Cristian Toro’s Sevilla is a unique team; the coach’s philosophy is uncompromising. The team plays as a defensive unit, and most of their attack threat is from counters. The pros: Claudia and Carla are creative, fast and skilled enough to make the most from these counter-attack plays. Claudia is expected to play as a #10. Carla on the left-wing, a replacement for Olga Carmona who has left the team. 

Sevilla is a defense styled team, something that will be new and challenging for Armengol and Pina. They will be expected to drop deep and play a lot of their football in the opposition’s half. Pina will be making the most of it, as it is one of the few areas she needs to improve. Her defensive positioning and awareness will be polished. As for Carla, she will be pushed to her limits, expected to assist, score and perform defensive duties. Toro will help her discover her edge, something that will allow her to continue successfully in the first division. 

Return to Barcelona

Cata Coll’s loan with Sevilla is an ideal model for Pina and Armengol. Coll played against Barca last season, the Blaugranas won, but she stole the show, made exceptional saves and proved she means business. She is rewarded for her performance, Barca bought her home, and she’ll be playing with the first team from the 20/21 season.

Expectations are high for the two youngsters; they will be playing for their future. Barca’s current offensive lineup is one of the best in Europe, to follow up after those giants of the game: for Carla and Claudia, the sky’s the limit.


The much needed first-team experience will develop La Masia’s shining stars. Claudia Pina and Carla Armengol’s absence will not go unnoticed in the Reto Iberdrola ; they shared 27 goals among themselves for 19/20’s abandoned season. However, they are due to paint the first division in their colours. It is time to move up the ladder, and Cules will patiently wait for their return. 

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