6 years on, Bartomeu faces the exit door at Barcelona.

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It’s finally happening, the no-confidence vote which started two weeks ago has met the required 16,520 signatures to overthrow the current Barcelona board led by Bartomeu.

Bartomeu Out
Bartomeu Out

How did it get so ugly?

A club reputed for its football and entertaining it’s faithful have not been having its best years as a club. The constant defeats in the UCL, exorbitant priced player signings not delivering and tempers flaring up between players, coaches and training; it all heads towards one direction only – The Barcelona board. And there is one man, for whom most of Catalunya will be blaming for the downfall of this beautiful club, the current club president – Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Decision time for the club against Bartomeu. #MesQueUnaMocion

Taking office since January 2014, Bartomeu has been in the limelight being named for alleged tax fraud in the Neymar signing back in the year, and he hasn’t been appreciated for his decisions ever since. Many first-team players have spoken out on non-agreement of many decisions of the board with regards to team management and team rebuilding processes. Following the team’s humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in this seasons Champions League, club legend Lionel Messi’s requested to leave his boyhood club and Bartomeu began feeling the heat from the Catalan media and faithful. Trending across social media, the pressure on Bartomeu to resign to allow Messi to stay back went viral. It was evident when the three candidates for president (Jordi Farré, Víctor Font and Lluís Fernández Alá ) along with eight Barca opinion groups joined the ‘Més que una Moció’ which was a platform that promoted the vote of no confidence against the club president. Popular hashtags: #MocioFCB, #MesQueUnaMocion, #BartomeuOUT, #BartomeuDimissio

Barcelona members
Barcelona members as per the annual report of 2019

The Més Que una Moció platform that was launched two weeks ago after months of planning from ‘socis’ and had until today to collect the 16,520 signatures that needed to force a vote have been met. As per the club’s bylaws, in the second phase, the club will have ten days to confirm the votes are valid, and then a third phase will be the act of voting. The vote of no confidence will only be approved if it obtains the favourable votes of two thirds or more of the voters, provided that the number of these is at least 10% of club members. In this case, the members of the Board of Directors will be automatically relieved of their positions. If the vote of no confidence does not obtain this majority, it may not be raised again until a period of one year has elapsed since the vote took place.

Well, we have to wait in anticipation and expect the best for our club. Whatever happens in the next 2 weeks maybe a revolution against the tagged “corrupt board” that has been blamed for the club’s failures over the past couple of years.


Barcelona has not released a public statement yet, but it is all over the news that the votes will cross 20,000 by the time the voting ends today. The club must announce the motion of censure, so that we can expect a change in management that goes in favour of the socis.

Update: The Més Que una Moció platform claimed that they submitted 20,731 signatures at the club offices.

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