Barcelona Elections 2021 – Bartomeu’s reign in deep trouble

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Barcelona - 26 March, Joan Laporta, ex-president of FC Barcelona during the memorial of Johan Cruyff in Camp Nou Stadium, the 26 of march of 2016. (Photo: Guillem Trigueros / Urbanandsport / Nur Photo) (Photo by NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

On the topic of Barcelona Elections, it is clear that cules all around the globe want the current Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu to resign. Many of the few reasons are the back to back catastrophes like Barca-gate incident, six board members quitting, Barca applying for ERTO due to financial losses due to the corona pandemic and much more. The cracks around the club are becoming more prominent and visible, with the Barcelona elections (presidential elections) to be held in next year is the only option to revive the club.

EL NACIONAL.CAT recently made a telephone survey of 800 people. They asked two questions in this survey. The first question was ” Do you believe that a change is needed at Barcelona?” The results looked like this.
barcelona elections 2021 - pre poll results
Results of the first question asked

From the 800 people, 70.6% of people voted for yes, they wanted a change. This means that majority of the people at Barcelona believe a significant change is needed at the club to get back on track and progress towards the future with a positive mindset.

The second question was “If you were to vote at the upcoming Barcelona elections, whom would you choose as Barcelona president among the following?”.

The complication in this poll was among the 800 people, some were fans, and some were socios. So to differentiate, they first told the fans to vote and then the socios.

Result of both the fan and socios votes are below.

barca elections 2021 pre votes
The result from fan votes: Laporta Leading
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The result from socios votes:

As you can see, Joan Laporte has won a significant number of votes from both fans and socios. This clearly states that even the socios want Bartomeu out of the club. The margin of error in this survey is just 3.54%.

Barcelona elections 2021 …is it in 2021(laughs)? I plan to come back, because I want to do it again. I think the club needs to build a new project. Although we have the privilege to have Messi, and he will be there in 2021. But it’s important to rebuild for the future. – Joan Laporta


The biggest positive is the majority of people want Bartomeu reign to be finished. The fans and socios both want another President who can fix the issues within the club like developing La Masia, working on financial losses, bringing in new and improved sponsors, structuring the fundamentals of the club, layering a foundation for the future etc.


As we saw, the fans and socios are inclined towards former Barcelona president Joan Laporta to take the reigns back into his hand and bring back the glory days. Joan Laporta was the one who opted for Pep Guardiola during 2008, and under his term, Barcelona won the historic sex-tuple (all six trophies in a year). But the main issue here is that Joan Laporta doesn’t have a clear plan to take Barcelona ahead. He wants to recreate the golden generation of Barcelona and want to bring back Pep Guardiola as a manager.

On the other hand, we have Victor Font who is working on a project called “Si Al Futur” meaning yes to the future. As per him, he wants to develop La Masia and bring it back into a top academy of producing world-class talents. He wanted to fight in the 2014 elections following Sandro Rosell’s resignation but opted out due to not having a clear plan.


It is very clear that Bartomeu will not be elected if he stands in the upcoming Barcelona elections. This leaves with two strong competitors Joan Laporta and Victor Font to battle it out for the Barcelona Presidency. Laporta has one year to introduce a better plan to fight against Font’s sustainable and long term plan.

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